Breakdown Press


Breakdown Press are exhibiting at CECAF.
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From a TCJ interview.

Breakdown Press is among the most diverse and original publishers of comics in the UK right now, presiding over a small run of books united by their individuality, original story telling techniques, and sheer eye-popping attractiveness. Starting out with the publication of Joe Kessler’s Windowpane in 2012, they’ve stretched out to cover a whole heap of ground – from the politicized future war stories of Lando, to translations of manga from Seiichi Hayashi and Masahiko Matsumoto – and future releases promise to take them even further afield. Having followed their progress pretty closely – and having played records at their Safari comics festival last Summer, a day notable for the incredible variety of art on display and for the amount of free beer I was allowed to drink before 12.00pm – I thought I’d sit down with three of the brains behind Breakdown: Tom Oldham, Simon Hacking, and Joe Kessler, and find out where they’ve come from,what they’re doing here and where they’re going, and about some of the challenges and triumphs that come from running a small comics press in today’s money-strapped environment.

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