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My name is Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and everything you see here is my fault. I’m a comic creator and new media lecturer based out of Welwyn Garden City, England. E-merl.com is where I catalogue my experiments in fiction and the comics form. If that all sounds a little dry, don’t worry – I’m sure something horribly violent and amusing will happen if you stick around long enough.
Current Projects
The Empty Kingdom – 8/12/2014
Your kingdom lies empty before you; all your subjects fled; all their stories told. And yet you take up your sword. And yet you don your crown. Who will you fight when there is no one to fight? Who will you love when there is no one to love? The world ends at midnight. All hail The King.
Dice With The Universe – 18/02/2012 onwards
Dice With The Universe is E-merl’s new webcomic serial, appearing live on the web every Tuesday and Friday. The series charts the adventures of reluctant heroine Beatrice Dice as each week her fate is determined by the roll of a dice. Just what does the Universe have in store for Beatrice? Tune in every Tuesday with your dice at the ready in order to find out.
MASIVO – 30/07/2012 to 6/12/2013
Citizens of Beta City beware, for MASIVO has come and destruction shall surely follow in his wake. Surely! MASIVO originally ran twice-weekly at E-merl, but now you can read the whole science fiction saga in one atomic-flame-drenched sitting.
Icarus Needs – 10/07/2013
At long last it’s the return of everyone’s favourite mentally unhinged cartoonist, Icarus Creeps. This time out Icarus has fallen asleep playing videogames and become trapped inside a surreal dream world that’s part videogame and part comic strip. Can you get Icarus everything he needs before it’s too late?
– See more at: http://www.cecaf.uk/?p=425#sthash.7vIlQjOH.dpuf

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