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CECAF – Two weeks later.



(Pic Antony Esmond )

It’s taken a while to get round to posting a coda to events at the Earl Haig. Listening to what people have said, I would call this event a success. It certainly achieved some of the goals I set  out.The event was about bringing comics to a new group of people, to give the opportunity for Crouch End locals to experience this wonderful medium. there was also desire to host a convention/stalls/exhibitions that allowed exhibitors to talk to each other, relax, have a good time.

A combination of low table pricing and a bar helped with the general atmosphere, something that was also commented on quite frequently. It was also important to get people along and with this in mind, constant leafleting and friends with a message board really helped with boosting attendees.

Get a venue, promote, pull people in. They were welcomed by an amazingly friendly, approachable and talented group of people. All the exhibitors were brilliant. They really helped sell the idea of Comics to Crouch End.

The Earl Haig Hall was great Host, and Hannah, Tom and Mark were amazing over the weekend.

People have asked if there is one next year. This depends on many things. But hopefully Crouch End will have the opportunity to experience comics again.

(There have been a few reviews of the day, please check out some of the links. Articles that better describe the day than I have.)

Andy Oliver – Small Pressganged

Most importantly – and I can vouch for this having spent a little time sitting behind a couple of artist tables catching up with people – it was noticeable that the punters checking out the work on offer did not just constitute the same old faces I encounter time and time again at shows.

Zoom Rockman photos.

Antony Esmond – Down The Tubes

Admittedly it’s a small affair, but what it lacks in corporate sprawl it makes up for in friendliness. We were greeted by friendly faces and a real old school small press vibe, held in a charming old town hall style room with tables down either side and an actual real bar selling beer (Shock!)





Exhibitor – Limehouse comics


In 2014 Matt Duncan and Karim Iskander Flint founded Limehouse Comics, a small but dynamic publishing company, conceived with the express purpose of developing exciting comic book projects both here in the UK and abroad.

To herald our arrival on the comic book scene this year we successfully funded and published our first graphic novel project. TO ARMS! was released in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of World War One, and included stories from over a dozen different writers and artists from across the globe.

Though at the moment we may only be a small fish in a big pond, we figure that just means that we’re a smaller target for the sharks out there. With multiple projects already in development Limehouse Comics is committed to to cementing is burgeoning reputation for producing amazing material.