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Exhibitor – Zoom Rockman


Zoom Rockman presents The Zoom! Merchandise
14 year old Londoner Zoom Rockman, who’s been writing, drawing and publishing his own comic, The Zoom! since he was 9, launches his first novel products, inspired by vintage American comic ads.

Introducing: ‘Elastic Band Shooter’, ‘Space Rock’, ‘Skanky Pigeon Quill Pen’ and ‘Grow your own Amazing Sea Donkeys’.

With prices from as little as £1, all items are available to purchase now on The Zoom! website, along with the latest issue of The Zoom! No. 10 (£2.99).





The Zoom! Elastic Band Shooter £12
“I used to make my own elastic band shooters out of bits and pieces in my pencil case. Then I discovered the Surefire Colt – it’s like the ultimate in elastic band firing. I got in touch with the company and they’ve let me do my own version which is so cool!”







The Zoom! Space Rock £1


“It’s cool to have something from space and this is genuine rock from a planet in space!”



The Zoom! Grow your own Amazing Sea Donkeys! £3


“Simply add water and watch your new pets possibly spring to life!”




The Zoom! Skanky Pigeon Quill Pen £2


“Simply dip it in ink and write something!”



Watch all the ads Zoom has animated here:

Exhibitor – Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon is a London-based artist and illustrator. She graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2010 with a first class degree, specialising in printmaking and drawing.

Her work is broadly centred around themes of narrative, mortality and the absurd or beautiful that can be found within the everyday. She draws much of her inspiration from the often nonsensical-seeming nature of our world. She uses media across the traditional and digital spectrum, finding a good mix of techniques gives her the best visual vocabulary.

Currently, she is one of 15 artists involved in the Art Neuro science and art exchange being run by University College London. More information about the project can be found here.

Smaller works, such as books or selected prints can be bought through her webshop. For unlisted items, commissions or just to say ‘hello’ please contact Sarah directly (see the contact page for details).




Exhibitor – Tiny Pencil


Tiny pencil will be at the Earl Haig in November.

Celebrating all things graphite, Tiny Pencil is an independent and artist-led anthology artzine and forum devoted to the lead arts.

We publish themed issues showcasing exciting and extraordinary works by artists in graphite. We also invite artists traditionally associated with other mediums to partake in carbon-based exploits.

Tiny pencil website


Exhibitor – Sally – Anne Hickman

Sally – Anne Hickman

Sally-Anne Hickman is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator with roots in animation. Her love of stories came fron fairy tales and early Disney films which she still loves today! Miss Shinystars lives and works in London, she self publishes comics and is an official London Underground Busker!


Exhibitor – Alfie Gallagher

Alfie Gallagher has worked as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator, creating illustrated work for clients such as Orange, YCN, Popular Mechanics magazine and Madame Tussauds along the way.

Alongside this, he has a lifelong passion for comics, drawing, creating and self-publishing them since childhood. He has created work for Uproar Comics and Water Closet Press. He is currently producing material for FutureQuake. Over the last few years he has self-published his own series ‘Charlatan Tales’.

Website –

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Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge

Very excited to announce that Roger Langridge will exhibiting at CECAF.

Roger Langridge has been producing comics for over twenty years. Most recently, he has attracted critical attention for his work on the Harvey Award-winning Muppet Show Comic Book (Boom! Studios) and Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel Comics); other works of note include Marvel’s Fin Fang Four, Fantagraphics’ Zoot! and Art d’Ecco (in collaboration with his brother Andrew), and the NCS, Ignatz, Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated comic book Fred the Clown.

Too many amazing images to post so check out Hotel Fred.

fred_20080819_hunt_the_idiot_mono_06-26 2014-06_DSC00123-Fred-Holdup